BizTract: Gain more traction from your business strategy

Do you recognise any of these challenges?

  • Needing to identify new, more profitable  markets
  • Getting insufficient return from your existing resources
  • Problems with HR and employment law
  • Losing sight of your original business vision
  • Eroding of client base through new competition
  • Cash flow issues and inability to borrow holding back your growth
  • Getting all your team behind your business strategy

If you’re an SME but struggling to take your business to the next level, or feeling frustrated that your plans for growth and profitability are being held back, then we should be talking.

BizTract works directly for CEOs and MDs who need expert support – and prefer to buy in that targeted expertise from seasoned professionals, rather than load their overheads with permanent senior appointments.

Our clients have applied their passion, their knowledge and their hard work to build a successful company and get it to where it is… we harness our experience to help them to move it to the next stage – often taking on the tasks diverting them from achieving their full potential.

Find out how we could give YOUR business strategy greater traction – by clicking here.

Which problem can we solve for you?

How do I improve my cash flow?

We’ll help you improve your forecasting and management of Cashflow. Which will generate extra funds in your business and make your business easier to manage.

How do I get my business to the next stage?

We’ll help develop the strategy to make you bigger, enter new markets and make you more profitable.

How do I get the most from my workforce?

We can sort out internal issues, introduce new working practices and ensure everyone is working to their potential.

How do I win new clients?

Old clients slowing down? We’ll identify profitable new markets for your products and services.